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Kotex uses Pinterest as ‘an influencer relations source’ in a smart campaign.


When it comes to trust, research shows that Pinterest scores high amongst women. Probably that is a major reason why Kotex wanted to use this  social media newcomer instead of Facebook or Twitter when designing a new campaign.

Kotex (the female hygiene brand) used Pinterest and showed how well they understand individual women by analyzing what they pin.

The advertising agency that works for Kotex looked for 50 inspiring and influential women on Pinterest. Then they observed and analyzed all their boards and pins to find out what these individual women like.

Based on this research, the agency created personalized giftboxes for each of these women, decorated in the same style of their pins. The women received the gift basket when they pinned Kotex’ invitation to get the present.

The lucky women repined, twittered and facebooked about  the campaign in many many ways and hence the campaign definitely has been a success.


As such a giftbox is not an innovative idea anymore. Yet the campaign uses a great twist by researching what individual people really like  and how they express themselves. A simple but awesome idea.