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Living in Ikea Land


Pretty ambitious plan from Ikea to broaden the horizon and start urban planning by building its own town. Can you believe the company plans to construct and decorate 1200 rental homes for 6000 neighbors, commercial office spaces and a restaurant in this Ikea-land?  There are some real  innovative aspects about the plan that I like; such as the vehicle free roads and the trash that will be removed from the houses by underground suction tunnels.

I am aware many people (especially women) linger around in the showrooms of the Ikea store, dreaming their own place would look just like the display they walk in. I myself however always feel relieved when I leave the store and the parking…

The overall idea of this new town is to design an entire new place and ‘Ikea-ize’ the life of the inhabitants. Doesn’t this remind you of the Truman Show? A very commercial environment, sincerely fake?! And can you imagine eating kötbüllar every week and living in a house called ‘Billy’? I imagine Ikea Land to be too neat and even sterile but with too many people lining up in front of the restaurant … not my idea of a very relaxing, individual place.

Curious however to visit the place as a tourist!