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An Impressive Sandworm


Beaufort04 (Contemporary Art by the Sea) once again demonstrates monumental and intriguing works of art, embedded in the romantic dunes  of Wenduine (Belgium). Sandworm is one of these ‘sculptures’ in this Triennial that I admire.

The Sandworm, an organic structure of 45 meters long and 10 m wide and high, is constructed entirely out of willow. Casagrande, the architect of the creation describes it as “weak architecture” – a human made structure that wishes to become part of nature through flexibility and organic presence.

To us the Sandworm looked more like a willow funnel or prehistoric worm that blends in the beautiful dunes of Wenduine.  Once inside the Sandworm, you are witness of an amazing natural spectacle of light and shadow. Just beautiful! And this only by using natural materials!

Go and see for it yourself! 


(images from © nikita wu (巫祈麟))