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Declare your goal and show ‘what beautiful really is’


I just declared a goal on the website of Under Armour, a US company selling sportswear. I came across their marketing campaign ‘What’s Beautiful’ and it inspired me to become fitter (and to lose some weight … my daughter is 10 months now … so no more excuses).

The campaign aims at redefining female athletes and they invite women to show ‘what beautiful really is’ by declaring their own personal fitness goal. My aim is not to win since I really do not want to become the face of Under Armour (though winning free sports gear and a nutritionist consultation would be welcomed), but I am curious about the flow and the campaign as such. Quite some women already declared their own goal, which creates a community, allowing all of us to see each others’ challenges on Facebook and to stimulate/ feel supported when you start losing your enthusiasm.

I  suggest all of you to join me, post video’s, photo and motivating words to convince the jury about your most impressive and ambitious journey. Public votes in the end!

Good luck to all the participating athletes!

Declare your goal here!  


Parking with Volkswagen

No explanation needed … I need to buy a Volkswagen next time!

Living in Ikea Land


Pretty ambitious plan from Ikea to broaden the horizon and start urban planning by building its own town. Can you believe the company plans to construct and decorate 1200 rental homes for 6000 neighbors, commercial office spaces and a restaurant in this Ikea-land?  There are some real  innovative aspects about the plan that I like; such as the vehicle free roads and the trash that will be removed from the houses by underground suction tunnels.

I am aware many people (especially women) linger around in the showrooms of the Ikea store, dreaming their own place would look just like the display they walk in. I myself however always feel relieved when I leave the store and the parking…

The overall idea of this new town is to design an entire new place and ‘Ikea-ize’ the life of the inhabitants. Doesn’t this remind you of the Truman Show? A very commercial environment, sincerely fake?! And can you imagine eating kötbüllar every week and living in a house called ‘Billy’? I imagine Ikea Land to be too neat and even sterile but with too many people lining up in front of the restaurant … not my idea of a very relaxing, individual place.

Curious however to visit the place as a tourist!

Everybody loves chocolate. Get it just by being generous.

Doesn’t everybody love chocolate!? The rich, voluptuous sensation in the mouth is part of every chocolate experience and it connotes with relaxing indulgence. At The Danish Anthon Berg Pop Up Store in Copenhagen money is of no use. All it takes to receive some delicious chocolates is the promise of a good deed. In this special store, you cannot pay with money but the price tags mention ‘good deeds’, such as ‘Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week’, ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’, ‘No talking behind your girlfriend’s back for a month’ and ‘Help clean a friend’s house’. Chocolate-buyers had to log into their Facebook accounts and promise to fulfill the favor (via the Anthon Berg Facebook page) and post it on their wall. All this was meant to inspire people to be generous. Just like the companies’ tag line ‘Be generous’ the store was called ‘The Generous Store’. Great way to create buzz and show you do what you preach (being generous).Website:

Kotex uses Pinterest as ‘an influencer relations source’ in a smart campaign.


When it comes to trust, research shows that Pinterest scores high amongst women. Probably that is a major reason why Kotex wanted to use this  social media newcomer instead of Facebook or Twitter when designing a new campaign.

Kotex (the female hygiene brand) used Pinterest and showed how well they understand individual women by analyzing what they pin.

The advertising agency that works for Kotex looked for 50 inspiring and influential women on Pinterest. Then they observed and analyzed all their boards and pins to find out what these individual women like.

Based on this research, the agency created personalized giftboxes for each of these women, decorated in the same style of their pins. The women received the gift basket when they pinned Kotex’ invitation to get the present.

The lucky women repined, twittered and facebooked about  the campaign in many many ways and hence the campaign definitely has been a success.


As such a giftbox is not an innovative idea anymore. Yet the campaign uses a great twist by researching what individual people really like  and how they express themselves. A simple but awesome idea.

Call for action: empower women


In this blog I usually write about marketing, brands that should listen better to the needs of women, geeky stuff …let’s say it is all about #firstworldproblems.

Today, International Women’s Day,  I would like to tribute my blog to all the women living in developing or emerging countries, where women’s rights still are not always recognized as human rights.

Women were leading and stimulating the Middle East revolutions in 2010 and 2011, yet when new governments are formed, only few or even no women still play an important role. Women were at the frontline of these conflicts, now they no longer are allowed to play a significant role.

Let’s also remember what happened in Congo and Libya, where so many women have been raped, sexually violated in horrific violence. Women pay the price of revolutions and wars, without being listened at afterwards, when talking in peace about what to do with the new democratic state.

Let’s empower women, end hunger and poverty, make sure girls all over the world get decent education to fight inequality.

Happy women’s day!


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Be. A new collection of wines, just for girls.

The Be. collection is created for modern, millennial women by millennial women. Twenty something women thus.

I can understand millennial girls don’t like wine that much as it is too mature, too traditional. They however want something more approachable. Nothing like the wines that ‘older’ people enjoy because of the ‘subtle flavours of oak and earth’ and with a ‘horsey aroma’… No! Be. believes that women in their twenties are not interested in the ‘complex and refined palates of wine, and they are not interested in what wines to serve with which types of food.
Instead, these girls just look for a drink that fits their mood when going out: you may feel Flirty, Fresh, Bright or Radiant. And for each one of these moods you can choose an affordable variety: Pink Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Riesling.

Of course, the bottles represent the characteristics of the moods and they all allow to ‘bring your own personality to the glass’. Surely, all varieties are white ones . After all, you wouldn’t want to risk drinking red wine in a ‘flirty’ or ‘fresh’ situation, as this may cause dirty stains on your teeth and lips….
I guess these young millennial girls (without children) never feel Exhausted or Just Lazy, or they never Just Want To Withdraw in front of the television when drinking wine … Only happy-go-lucky kind of moods count!
And what about the idea of wine as an expression of maturity? Drinking wine requires a certain degree of competence and status in a refined and slightly feminine way … The competence however is something I cannot find in these ‘mood-wines’…

The concept reminds me of the alco-pops: no need to enjoy the full flavour of the drink. No need to have any knowledge about ‘real wine’. Instead, these mood wines seem to be drinks that can be drunk very easily. They look like a playful, colourful and trendy kind of drink. An accessible kind of lemonade.

My idea? Either the concept will fail (after being a fad for a while), either I am too old … (the latter is true anyways ;))