About Me

Long time ago I studied policical sciences and after that marketing. And there it all started. I discovered that marketing was appealing often to men, but women very often didn’t feel attracted, especially to products and brands that were seen as more ‘masculine’, such as computers, software, DIY stores, …

At the same time I was aware of the fact that it is a lot easier to target men, as they are straightforward and easy to predict. Women however are more diverse and a lot more difficult to understand or predict….  soooo: there is an opportunity. And today indeed women and marketing is a hot topic.

I worked in marketreseach for more than 10 years, now I work for Psilogy, a Belgian consultancy company that focuses on profiling, strategy and innovation. We continuously work for companies and brands  that target women and that are sincerely interested in gaining understanding in what women really want.

In this blog you find my view on ‘Womanifesto’, interesting things on women, marketing by and for women, … and some geeky internet/ social media stuff.

Countries I worked in

Clients I worked for


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