Everybody loves chocolate. Get it just by being generous.

Doesn’t everybody love chocolate!? The rich, voluptuous sensation in the mouth is part of every chocolate experience and it connotes with relaxing indulgence. At The Danish Anthon Berg Pop Up Store in Copenhagen money is of no use. All it takes to receive some delicious chocolates is the promise of a good deed. In this special store, you cannot pay with money but the price tags mention ‘good deeds’, such as ‘Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week’, ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’, ‘No talking behind your girlfriend’s back for a month’ and ‘Help clean a friend’s house’. Chocolate-buyers had to log into their Facebook accounts and promise to fulfill the favor (via the Anthon Berg Facebook page) and post it on their wall. All this was meant to inspire people to be generous. Just like the companies’ tag line ‘Be generous’ the store was called ‘The Generous Store’. Great way to create buzz and show you do what you preach (being generous).Website: http://www.anthonberg.com


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