Call for action: empower women


In this blog I usually write about marketing, brands that should listen better to the needs of women, geeky stuff …let’s say it is all about #firstworldproblems.

Today, International Women’s Day,  I would like to tribute my blog to all the women living in developing or emerging countries, where women’s rights still are not always recognized as human rights.

Women were leading and stimulating the Middle East revolutions in 2010 and 2011, yet when new governments are formed, only few or even no women still play an important role. Women were at the frontline of these conflicts, now they no longer are allowed to play a significant role.

Let’s also remember what happened in Congo and Libya, where so many women have been raped, sexually violated in horrific violence. Women pay the price of revolutions and wars, without being listened at afterwards, when talking in peace about what to do with the new democratic state.

Let’s empower women, end hunger and poverty, make sure girls all over the world get decent education to fight inequality.

Happy women’s day!


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