Be. A new collection of wines, just for girls.

The Be. collection is created for modern, millennial women by millennial women. Twenty something women thus.

I can understand millennial girls don’t like wine that much as it is too mature, too traditional. They however want something more approachable. Nothing like the wines that ‘older’ people enjoy because of the ‘subtle flavours of oak and earth’ and with a ‘horsey aroma’… No! Be. believes that women in their twenties are not interested in the ‘complex and refined palates of wine, and they are not interested in what wines to serve with which types of food.
Instead, these girls just look for a drink that fits their mood when going out: you may feel Flirty, Fresh, Bright or Radiant. And for each one of these moods you can choose an affordable variety: Pink Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Riesling.

Of course, the bottles represent the characteristics of the moods and they all allow to ‘bring your own personality to the glass’. Surely, all varieties are white ones . After all, you wouldn’t want to risk drinking red wine in a ‘flirty’ or ‘fresh’ situation, as this may cause dirty stains on your teeth and lips….
I guess these young millennial girls (without children) never feel Exhausted or Just Lazy, or they never Just Want To Withdraw in front of the television when drinking wine … Only happy-go-lucky kind of moods count!
And what about the idea of wine as an expression of maturity? Drinking wine requires a certain degree of competence and status in a refined and slightly feminine way … The competence however is something I cannot find in these ‘mood-wines’…

The concept reminds me of the alco-pops: no need to enjoy the full flavour of the drink. No need to have any knowledge about ‘real wine’. Instead, these mood wines seem to be drinks that can be drunk very easily. They look like a playful, colourful and trendy kind of drink. An accessible kind of lemonade.

My idea? Either the concept will fail (after being a fad for a while), either I am too old … (the latter is true anyways ;))


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