Love is in the air

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It may sound cheesy, though everyday is Valentine’s day in my marriage… and that is how love is meant to be 😉 Valentine’s Day bugs me as it is too commercial, too fake and not romantic at all. The obligatory aspect and the peer pressure take away all romance.

However, I have to admit that some advertising for this ‘special’ day is really cute and does get me into a romantic state of mind: Google for instance has created an amazing Doodle especially for the day. When you click on the Google logo today (Feb 14), you get to watch this animation showing the highs and lows of young love … and illustrating that Google can’t solve everything.

Or what to think about Starbucks? This little movie shows the Starbucks Cup Magic App that allows you to send and receive virtual Valentine messages. If you scan your ‘limited edition Valentine’s Day themed cup, you can watch your cup come to life. Too bad I am not gonna make it to a Starbucks today …

And one more, from Tide.

I found this picture on

Tide. Get Dirty. How naughty!

And maybe one more thing …I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day … so I won’t despise my husband when he does buy me a present … 😉


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