Innovation in Belgium versus Singapore


Belgians tend to think they live in a modern, well developed, rich country. We believe we are creative in business, and innovation + out-of-the-box thinking is one of our strengths compared to, let’s say Asian cultures.

One of the latest innovations in the lives of Belgians is the modernization of meal vouchers.  Belgian employees now no longer receive paper vouches but an electronic card. Wow, how innovative is this!  Finally we don’t have to carry all this cash anymore. It is also safer as it works with a pin code, and the commercial on the radio tells us the beautiful pictures on the card makes it such a beautiful thing to pay with.

Yeah Right!

In Singapore, people shop via a QR code while  commuting to and from work. The almost-2 million commuters who travel on the trains daily can now shop off of the wall spaces in the stations, which have been transformed into virtual shops. A supermarket chain is the first to have ads carrying QR code via specially-designed posters at two stations. From them commuters can order from a menu of 20 food items and have the order delivered.

How cool is that!




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